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What We Do provides radio stream hosting services for AM and FM radio stations,  Internet broadcasters, businesses and more of all sizes and formats around the world. Our reliability and personal service is what sets us apart from the rest. 

Live Stream Hosting

Broadcast live with high quality audio using PC, Mac, iOS or Android devices. Live streaming is perfect for in-studio, AM or FM radio station simulcasting, remotes or webcasting anywhere in the world.


Use automation software or upload your music, voice tracks, promos, ads and other audio content to our servers. Create live programmming or content that sound live to your audience. 

On Demand Streaming

On demand allows you to stream files that you upload like podcasts, sermons or radio shows allowing listeners to access through a beautiful custom branded HTML5 responsive player on your website.

Ways to use radio stream hosting

streaming media

Music Radio

If you have music to play or something to say, now you can broadcast live or create a 24/7 automated music radio station with any kind of music format you want.


Talk Radio

Host your own talk show or create a 24/7 talk radio station or network. Take calls, interview guests and more. Stream live or automate your station.

sports radio hosting

Sports Radio

Remote broadcast football, baseball, basketball, soccer, rodeos and more live or create an automated radio station to replay all the action 24/7.

musician radio station


If you are a musician or in a band, start an Internet radio station to market your songs online. Grow your fan base, keep them coming back for more.

radio streaming


We can help you create a custom branded Internet radio station to expand the brand of your business. Reach new customers and keep existing customers coming back.

internet radio host


Stream sermons live, on-demand, or start an automated Internet radio station to broadcast them 24/7. We make streaming your content simple and affordable. Learn more.

college radio hosting

College Radio

Many college radio stations depend on Broadcast Matrix for their Internet radio hosting. If you have a college radio station or plan to start one we can help.

community radio station


Serve your community with local programming. In a day where everything is syndicated it is more important than ever for communities to have true local content.

How it works

online radio hosting

Your Content

Any content you have, live or recorded you can send through encoder software to our network.

streaming provider

Our Network

Our servers pick up your stream feed and host your content so listeners can connect anywhere.

icecast servers

Your Listeners

Your listeners can enjoy your content anywhere in the world on all popular streaming devices.

streaming services

No Website?
No Problem.

Our responsive HTML5 player can act as a landing page for your station.  It can also be customized to work as a customized pop up player or embeddable player in your existing sites.

  • HTML 5 Players

  • Album and Track Info

  • Album Covers

  • Embed and Pop Up Versions

  • Easy Drag and Drop Use

  • Audio Pre Roll

  • Video Pre Roll

  • Banner Ads

  • Auto DJ

  • Geo Fencing

  • No Third Party Junk Ads - Ever

  • Royalty Reports

  • Listener Statistics

  • PayPal Donate Button

  • No Revenue Sharing

  • Facebook Integration

  • Twitter Integration

  • Icecast

  • Shoutcast

  • Superior Support

streaming radio apps

Radio Apps

A radio station app puts your station in your listeners' pockets.   An app keeps your brand on their desktop, one click away, where ever they go. Contact us to learn more about iOS, Android and other smart device apps.

Custom Pricing

We provide custom pricing based on your specific needs and budget, just give us a call and we'll give you a quote with no obligation.  Or if you're ready to start right now you can select a package below.  1-800-727-9815

Money Back Guarantee

No Risk.  We provide a 100% money back guarantee.  If you are not completly thrilled with our services for any reason within the first thirty days we'll cheerfully refund your payment. 

Honest Pricing

Many streaming providers promise "unlimited" resources.   The truth is nothing is unlimited, we are realistic and tell you up front what the limitations are so you don't run into problems later.

Reliable & Scalable

You can start small and grow with us.  We customize packages for all sizes of radio stations and internet broadcasters around the world.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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